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Our aim is to empower individuals to become self-realized by making holistic wellness and leadership programs accessible to all. We rely heavily on donations, grants, and other contributions to support and grow our community programs, mental health and wellness services, and our Wellness Center in Punta Gorda, Florida. Your generosity is what makes this all happen. Thank you for your contributions!

All donations are tax deductible.

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Become a Sponsor
Donate Now and Give Back To Our Local First Responders.

We strive to support undeserved communities along with our local heroes, by providing  integrative holistic wellness designed to help navigate the many complex issues that confront today's society. 


We've partnered with the ---- Fire Department - offering our services in support of all the front line efforts and an acknowledgement of the challenges that many confront and go unnoticed.


Your sponsorship of $500 will give one of our local heros access to mental health and wellness services as well as relaxation and stress reduction classes to support challenging circumstances.

Please consider becoming a sponsor and supporting this important and transformative community program.

Become a Program Donor
Program Donors are our sustainers - contributing to our long term goals and vision of bringing health and wellness opportunities to those without access or resources. Our Program Donors are elite members who not own value but benefit from our many services.
  • SILVER Donor

    Your gift supports our community programs and education.
    • As a Silver Donor you recieve
    • One Counseling Session
    • One Health & Wellness Consult
    • Four Class Passes
  • GOLD Donor

    Your gift supports our community programs and education.
    • As a Gold Donor you receive:
    • Two Counseling Sessions
    • Two Natural Wellness Consults
    • Seven Class Passes
  • PLATINUM Donor

    Your gift supports our community programs and education.
    • As a Platinum Donor you recieve:
    • Three Counseling Sessions
    • Three Health & Wellness Consults
    • Ten Class Passes
    • A Special Gift...
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