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Restorative and Natural Healing

Restorative and Natural Healing

Sandra Tillett

Natural Wellness Practitioner

500 hour Chopra Meditation & Yoga Instructor

Restorative healing or health from the inside out, has become a trending topic across the country. And the benefits of meditation, hypnotherapy and nutrition in particular focuses on alleviating stress, calming the mind, relaxing and improving the workings of the body.

Guru’s everywhere are preaching and teaching that many health concerns can be addressed proactively, by first alleviating stress, second connecting the mind and body, third, through meditation and nutrition, getting to a place of balance from the inside out.

However if you are one of many people who believes they cannot meditate, or if eating right is difficult for you, or perhaps you believe mental health support is “not for you”, then you need to forget everything you thought you knew about these topics.

Imagine for a moment that your body has been trying to get your attention and you haven’t been listening.

Don’t worry, the body will be heard.

You know that little voice is there, but you’ve ignored it, intentionally or unintentionally, it begins to show up in undesirable ways.

As the body communicates through the cells and neurons, there is an impact that takes place. Unprocessed emotions, and physical conditions show up as illness or dis-ease.

They impact your life, your relationships, and your body, affecting your health.

Identifying the root cause is what natural and restorative care is about. It’s about finally listening and paying attention to that inner voice — that silent cry that arises as emotional or physical pain or discomfort becomes apparent.

Treating the root cause will make you feel better but if you want to really improve your life becoming proactive is the better alternative.

I like to refer to this as an awakening to the “Present Moment”.

A moment when you become connected, and activated so your true needs and ultimately your sovereignty and total well-being can be addressed and honored.

While difficult to explain, many people experience this moment of awakening through a physical response, emotional shift or a sudden event or realization. This then is where true healing can begin. So what can you do to get to that place of natural and proactive health, a place of the “Present Moment”?

1. Connect to your physical body and commune with nature. Walk on the beach, the grass, or literally stand barefoot under a banyan tree. Naturally discover more about yourself and ground your energy, thoughts and clear your mind.

2. Pay attention to what you put into your body. Fresh foods high in antioxidants and greens are the perfect choice. Check your supplements and ensure they are natural and safe, when combined with medication. It’s true that moderation is a simple but powerful way to address your nutritional needs.

3. Meditation and mindfulness can help you connect with your thoughts and body. One thing that can be done by anyone is be in the moment. (Mindfulness) Don’t live in the past or future, be in the now. Fishing, golfing, working out or even sitting and watching a sunset, can bring you to a place where you can pay attention to you.

By using these techniques you will begin to see changes that allow you to achieve a higher state of presence and consciousness. Changing even a few things in your life can allow you to access a restorative and natural balance to your health.

Sending light and love!


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