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Teams = Sports, Community = Success

For decades the metaphor “team” has described working groups inside a business. I think “team” should stay in the world of sports.

The word “team” promotes an environment of competition and comes from a scarcity mindset driving a polarity perspective of win or lose. Honoring MVPs and star players, individuals are celebrated. For a business, “team” reinforces the perception of elitism reserved for the few. Todays leaders, want an expansive work environment. A culture of creativity, growth, and evolution is more important to them. Consider the word community. A place people choose to be, there is an authenticity that exists in communities. Looking out for one another, establishing trust, a real community supports the wellbeing of all. Individuals are recognized and their uniqueness honored. Communities that welcome diversity have the advantage of discovery, creativity and growth.

MVPs no longer resonate within the new generation of professionals. Individuals leveraging their unique talents and diversity embraced as an advantage, community vs. team works for businesses.

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