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Yoga is for everybody, really!

Often, when I tell people I teach yoga I get two impassioned and completely polar responses.

“Oh, I can’t do yoga”, or “When and where”?

These responses are based on experience and perception.

A great experience in one class might not be the same in the next. Inconsistency is always troubling.

Adding insult to injury, if you have perused Facebook or Instagram you have no doubt seen the beautiful postures, twists and graceful moments of a yogi. Sometimes they even make chair yoga look unobtainable!

I have felt both ways myself! But yoga is not about a yogi, or the crazy poses, or the clothing you wear to class. Nor is it about your ability to stand on your head or be twisted into a pretzel!

It is simply about being present, in your body, connected to the surroundings and to yourself.

If you have a body, you can do yoga, really! At 55 and 30 pounds overweight I started a serious yoga practice.

Two years later I left a successful executive job, bought a yoga studio, became a 500 hour teacher, primordial sound meditation teacher and pursued

this passion. Why, because a true yoga practice is all about finding the connection of conscious awarenesses and the mind/body/heart connections.

Our bodies know things way before our minds do. So as you are moving into each posture or asana, you are learning to acknowledge your body's knowledge. This is important because you are able to go inside, and there you can find a calm and nurturing place to be. I want to help others explore this reality!

Yoga also offers movement that improves your blood flow, digestion, muscle extension, and increases energy.

I think of yoga as strength training for the body and a moving meditation for the mind.

Meditation, stretching and quiet movement are really good for us, and yet, it is often hard to commit to practice.

For me yoga is an amazing solution to making that commitment to myself.

So if you are an avid fitness person, tennis, golf or pickleball player, an experienced yoga practitioner or someone who does nothing, but you are interested in exploring, start your own journey and yoga practice.

I want to help you make a connection to your own inner and outer self, and I want you to have fun!

A promise I will make to you is that you will gain even more access to your own inner wisdom, and in return you can help me get the word out that yoga is for everybody, really!

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