Zoe Walters

People Expert

A 25 year career within the travel, retail and publishing industry, Zoe's roles span globally, largely supporting digital transformation, change and employee experience.


She has worked, lived in and led teams in the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe, and is a CIPD Chartered Fellow member, with a masters in Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology.

Her passions are centered around mindset, meditation, mindfulness both teaching and practicing.


Sitting on the Advisory Board of HR Grapevine, a professional Human Resource publication in the UK, contributing her expertise and wisdom across broad people topics, Zoe is also an Ambassador for UK’s leading magazine Psychologies and writes blogs/content for their audience.

Zoe is currently writing her first fiction trilogy, based on personal transformation and change. 

Beyond Transformation Inc combines novel immersive experiences with didactic methods of teaching and self exploration to create sustainable shifts in thinking, experiencing and self awareness.  We believe that successful leadership entails not only a change in thinking, but alignment of heads and hearts to create purpose and fulfilment for all individuals within a team with a focus on self care as well as service to others.  We help leaders to create teams that celebrate the yoU in Unique! 



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