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Stressed Woman

How Stressed Are You?

TAKE THE STRESS TEST by Answering The Following Questions.

Be sure to do this quickly, without overthinking the answers.

Screenshot (210).png

What did you score?

Mostly A, B, C or D's?

A. not at all Congratulations, you need to be of service to others with your zen like calmness; you recognize taking time for yourself and stepping away for moments is needed to keep yourself in balance. You know that if you are balanced, you can cope and manage things around you easily. Keeping the balance is always tricky, stay in your power and continue what you are

doing to be in this space.

B. a little. We all have to work on balance, perhaps there is one area of your life that creates imbalance. Reflect on what creates you to feel the effects you scored, which area of your life shows up most? We encourage you to do more things that create both your joy and bliss which are positive. Having fun and ensuring you have time for fun will help you to restore balance.

C. often. Your energy is being pulled in multi-directions, you may prioritize others needs before your own. Creating healthy boundaries is needed to ensure you have the time and space for yourself and your energy. Sleep, hydration and exercise are of importance, even if exercise is getting out in nature, it's highly recommended you take small steps to feel more balanced. Stop doing one thing a day to create space to start a positive habit. If you don't prioritize yourself, no one will do it for you.

D. mostly. Stop. Pause. Breath. YOU are the most important person in your life, without a properly functioning YOU, there is chaos in all areas of your life. You may need some help with some tools and resources that will make a huge difference to your life. Making positive change can often feel overwhelming but don't worry, we can help you with tools and resources to feel and think well. 

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