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Young Woman's Portrait

Psychological Counseling

Psychology and Hypnotherapy

Stress & Anxiety Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Light Therapy/Brain Entrainment

Embrace Your True Nature



Transform subconscious patterns that no longer serve your life path.

Rapid Change.

Business Meeting


For Creative Leaders. 

Reignite your passion while uplifting your team.

National Flower


An Introduction to the 12 Treasures of Embodying Your True Nature. 

Our Signature Program.

Our Mission

Beyond Transformation is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower, educate, and provide support to  victims of domestic violence, trauma, and grief by making holistic wellness and leadership programs accessible to all.



To support under-served communities (such as, minorities, women, LBGTQ, and young people) with the tools to access their value, purpose, and power.



To provide experiential educational and integrative approaches to holistic wellness that empower individual purpose and cultivate a new era of leadership.

Our Services

Breathing Meditation

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Calm Woman

"I never expected what I recieved from the team at Beyond Transformation. They introduced me to a treatment plan that was tailored for me, with this my life has done a complete 180, within two short months. I was able to see a difference within minutes with one aspect of my treatment. I had been struggling for years with all sorts of issues and it was solved within minutes, in some cases. To me it almost feels like a miracle.  I feel like a brand new person."

Dr. Stacy Young