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Beyond Transformation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that aims to empower, educate and provide support to victims of abuse, trauma and grief.  Focused on individuals becoming self-realized by making holistic wellness,  and leadership programs accessible to all, we strive to support under-served communities with the tools to access their value, purpose, and power. We provide experiential programs, events, and integrative approaches to holistic wellness that empower individual purpose and cultivate a new era of leadership.



About Us

Meet The Founders


President and 


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Chief Executive Officer

and Co-Founder

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Board Members

Jordan D. Glass, Esq.

Private Corporate Attorney 

A veteran attorney for 30 years, Jordan works in the corporate sector and is an expert in tax, trust and estate law. His support has been tremendous in regards to program support and legal advise. 

Greg Tillett 

Retired Senior Executive 

With a background in Organizational Leadership and Operations,  Greg supports the efforts of our initiatives providing guidance and expertise in regards to our operational efficiencies.