Counseling and Coaching

Our Psychological Counseling and Coaching Services are offered by one of our trained and licensed therapists or professional coaches. If you're ready to heal trauma, reduce stresss and transform your life, then schedule today.

  • Personalized Psychological Counseling

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
  • Psychological Counseling focused on stress and anxiety reduction.

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
  • An effective and transformative solution for rapid & lasting change.

    1 hr

    350 US dollars
  • Take a cosmic journey, find physical wellbeing or mood stabilization!

    15 min

    45 US dollars
  • A wellness plan designed for you; pain relief, supplements, and more.

    1 hr

    93 US dollars
  • Cellular release and somatic therapy for improved overall health.

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
Happy Woman

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Laura. She’s gotten me through such difficult times. Not only is she a genuine and kind person, she’s brilliant and truly cares about her patients. She’s been my therapist for years. Could never think of finding someone else. If you become her patient you will definitely become a happier and healthier person."

Paola Lambertini