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2023 Happy New Year Wisdom Seekers

3 Simple Practices for being in the

Energy of 2023 = 7

Sandra Tillett

Happy New Year! It is 2023 and in Numerology that equals the number 7. Adding each number together, you come to a single number, which represents the energy we will be feeling throughout the year. If you are inclined to pay attention to something like Numerology you are not alone. I too, am curious about these types of subjects. I enjoy spending time researching so I can gain a better understanding of the environmental energy we are all feeling.

Over the ages the study of Numerology has helped humanity to seriously consider and contemplate our lives, giving us new insight. This can help us form affirmations, or might drive our curiosity, allowing a glimpse into, and potentially consider what is happening in our world both physically and energetically. Perhaps through this practice we gain a better understanding of important questions, and self- discovery, for example gaining insight to our individual life purpose, journey or our personality traits.

So what is the significance of the number 7 as it relates to a new 12 months and 365 day cycle? Most Numerology experts agree, the study of this number represents a focus of increasing ones depth of knowledge and wisdom.

Intellectual study and gathering of information is key for our expanding consciousness. Reflection, considering what is really important, and what needs our attention when we take a deeper dive into new topics and growing our interests, we begin to build on our strengths, creating new opportunities for ourselves and exploring topics we find curious.

On the flip side of this searching, being overly focused on seeking knowledge can become an obsession.

The number 7 has its energetic challenges. Because the energy of the 7 is so focused on taking a deep dive into a topic, someone "swimming in this energy" might become overly consumed with seeking. For example, becoming focused on digging for information this energy might drive an introvert even deeper into their natural tendency of being alone and solitary. Considering both polarities, the energy of this new year is highly cerebral, and my push us into the desire to understand more clearly those topics that are fascinating to us.

So how should we think about our New Years resolutions, and our personal or professional goals for 2023?

Below are 3 tips to help you navigate the energy of this curiosity driven #7 year, and find your clarity of processing and maneuvering though this energy,, as you align to your affirmations, manifestations and focus on your goals.

#1 - Understand, the MIND cannot solve everything.

The mind is our guide its true. It can keep us safe from danger and is hard wired to search, review and resolve issues everyday. But we are not our thoughts. Yep I said it, we are not our thoughts. Just as we are made up of cells that dictate our eye color, our physical build, or our shoe size, the mind and our thoughts don't define us. Our mind is a tool and just like our eyes provide us a sense of our environment. It allows us to put into context our experiences and our reactions to those things that occur in our lives, community and the world. But the mind is a tool and helps guide us to make decisions and choices that serve our highest good or our live within our true essence. Our soul, our gut, our emotions, our heart and our physical bodies together make up who we are, and how we experience the world around us, but one of those components alone, does not define us unless we choose to allow that to happen. I remember when I realized this truth. I really believed my body was here to carry my brain around. Once I actually started listening and connecting to my body I could tune into my heart. Here I realized I had bought into the notion that the mind was our most prized position and that being smart was more important than anything else. The fact is the mind is a tool just like our eyes or our feet! It was Eckhart Tolle who said "Rather than being your thoughts or emotions, be the awareness behind them."

Tip #2 - Deep Dive into what MATTERS

Creativity and peace are beyond the mind. If you have heard of the "flow" you know just as thoughts come and go, just as you are not who you were when you were a child or even the same as you were10 years ago, there is something beyond critical thinking that shapes a happy life. Often the most treasured experiences in our lives have more to do with irrational actions like LOVE, than what some might consider "good common sense". I am not suggesting we abandon our contemplation times. As a matter of fact I believe that getting into a state of gratitude and love as you consider where you want to spend your "thinking" time might lead you down a great many new roads you never considered traveling, and experiencing joy you have been missing. So let your imagination run wild! Baking, painting and fishing, prayer meditation, consider what brings you calm, and take more time getting into those modalities that bring you into your greatest sense of self.

Tip #3 - Create Balance and EQUANIMITY

I love to study, I love to garden and I love yoga. What do these things have in common? Clearly they have much that is different, but the equation is pretty simple. Spending time in balanced awareness creates a more enjoyable and satisfying existence. Boredom is relieved and balance restored when we consider that any work we do on ourselves needs to integrated into our lives. What does that mean? It's different for us all and that is what makes us interesting, but in simple teams, moderation of activity can create balance. Balance can create stable and solid energy. And in that energy regardless of what comes in 2023, the good and bad, the pain and laughter, the hurt and joy, we are meant to experience both polarities. It is how we process, live, accept and grow that matters most. Finding balance in my mind is about looking for neutral. Celebrating the highs, supporting ourselves through the lows and allowing ourselves time to acclimate te both sides of this coin. The yin and yang, in balance, is equanimity.When you live here you find neutrality, meaning you create a healthy balance in your life.

Each new year, we are reminded that everyday, not only at the change of a colander year, we have the opportunity to either resign ourselves to staying where we are, or continue to explore, gather wisdom and grow.

What is the wisdom you want to cultivate? Brain power like muscle or becoming the observer in our lives all adds up to an amazing opportunity. The Budda was credited in saying, "It is not what you did yesterday nor what you will do tomorrow that matters. What matters most is what you do today."

2023 or the # 7, is offering us a heightened opportunity for balance in our lives. If you want to learn more about your journey or are looking for something specific to support you on your journey, please reach out.

We have many modalities that can bring you into that flow, increase your intuition and ultimately support a journey to living happy lives! Happy 2023 and good luck!

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